Surreal Living Company Limited
Thai Energy Group Co.,Ltd

Surreal Living Company Limited importer and distributor of wood plastic composite (WPC)  under the brand ‘THAISUN’. THAISUN is the new alternative choice for all customers who is desire to use WPC as deck, lath, railing, fence and wall cladding as well as DIY deck and flower pot. THAISUN is made from wood powder and polyethylene (PE) mixed together and extruded through templates to verities of shapes for all of your design needs. 

THAISUN is considered to be an eco-friendly product where THAISUN is asbestos free and anti termite chemicals free making THAISUN perfectly safe for the health of your family. THAISUN has also been certified with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)* to ensure that an environmental friendly production processes is concerned from production to distribution of ours.

THAISUN is extremely durable under the weather of South East Asia, especially Thailand that includes sunlight and heat, humidity and rain. THAISUN requires low maintenance, chemical resistance and easy to install. We provide product warranty up to 15 years and 2 years warranty for installation**

* FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Forest owners and managers may want to become FSC certified to demonstrate that they are managing their forests responsibly. Along the supply chain, FSC certification can provide benefits such as access to new markets.
** Warranties of products and installation warranties will be provided if the buyer follows the instruction of installations under company’s policies only. Misused of the products, warranties will not applicable under any circumstances.