The Sukhothai Residences Rhythm – Asoke 2

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The Sukhothai Residences Rhythm Asoke 2

The highlight of this place is high-rise residences in the heart of Bangkok, We can see the 180-degree city view of Sukhothai Residence, so they choose to use solid wood flooring “GW006”, exotic brown color to cover the floor. It is a bright wood tone, thus helping to make the area look wider. Received with a clear glass door Overlooking the city Makes it look less uncomfortable and more comfortable on the eyes

In addition to the design is beautiful, simple, and classic. THAISUN also cares about safety, because the surface is specially designed to help slip well, durable, does not swell, and the color does not peel. Because the color is mixed into the wood during production Making it the ideal material for any application area. It is no wonder why THAISUN flooring is the flooring material for the Sukhothai Residences.