THAISUN Wood Plastic Composite is the new alternative and sustainable choice for all types of decorations whether private residence or public spaces.
Our materials are made from wood powder and high density polyethylene (HDPE) combined together and extruded through templates in varieties of shape and sizes which are suitable for all design that you need for your ideal spaces.
Full-fill your decorations with our decking, lath, wall panel, ceiling, fence, railing DIY and all the more items we have to offer to complete the look of your design.

Decking & Skirting

There are 3 series such as:
Elegant series: suitable for all areas, which available in 3 designs in one piece (groove pattern, wood grain treatment and smooth treatment)
Premium series: have special colours, which made exclusively and add more premium to your home.
Luxury series: outstanding with wood grain and suitable for poolside and slip resistant.


There are many sizes to choose such as a solid lath and hollow lath. Which alternative and sustainable choice for all sizes you need.

Ceiling & Wall Cladding

Ceiling & Wall Cladding

There are 2 types to choose.
Elegant series: can be used in both ways, in wall panel or ceiling parts. There are also 2 patterns to choose from, smooth and grain patterns. Which can add more flair to your wall panel and ceiling.
Luxury series: outstanding with wood pattern that’s a signature of THAISUN and a special model with a finished slot, add more flair to your ceiling or wall cladding


There are available in 1 and 1.5 meter lengths with smooth and grain patterns.



THAISUN’s accessories that suitable for each wood types.