Warranty and conditions of THAISUN

Products warranty and standard of installation conditions
1. Products are warranty the uses in residential areas and public areas. (According to the conditions of installation and maintenances suggested only.)
2. Warranty applies for installation under company’s installations and guidance only.
3. Warranty applies to products which have defects from the operations of our company.
4. Warranty applies to products are resistance to gnawing from termites and insects.
5. Warranty are only eligible products and installations under company’s conditions and customers must registered warranty coverage –
in “https://www.thaisun.co.th/en/warranty-policy” along with evidences of purchase e.g. receipts etc.
6. All of THAISUN solid profiles GW006, GW009, HLM242, THAISUN ONE FOR ALL can be installed on the steel frame structure span of 30 cm. in residential areas only.
7. The terms and conditions of the warranty come from the agreement with the company and the buyer according to the specified conditions.

Warranty for the area has been in accordance with the following periods
Warranty exceptions
 1. Our company does not warranty products that are not installed under the standards that have set by the company. Including does not maintenance and did not take care of products properly according to company’s suggestions.
2. Misused of the product which have not been a suggested in writing by the company or the building regulations.
3. Force majeure due to natural disasters, weather conditions or stains from foreign substances such as floods, mold, deep stains, rubber drops from trees.
4. The change of colours If customers purchase products from different times.
5. Binding from materials that our company is not a distributor.
6. Company are not responsible if customers does not register for warranty coverage at https://www.thaisun.co.th/en/warranty-policy/ after 14 days after date of purchase.
7. Our company does not offer a warranty if customers do not send the warranty card to return back to our company.
*** Please kindly study the products that are eligible for warranty coverage in the table provided in https://www.thaisun.co.th/en/warranty-policy ***

The suggestion of WPC decking installed (please refer to the installation manual carefully again)
 1. Should be installed on concrete, which the scale slope is adjusted 1: 200 or 0.29-0.30 degrees to allow water to flow through and no flooding.
2. Place THAISUN joist wood at a distance of 30 cm., By setting the anchors on the concrete every 40 cm.
3. Align the first decking piece and fix the screws beside the outer plate, with a distance of 5 mm.
4. Place the first row of wood decking, keep the head-tail-wood 3 mm apart and continue to connect the tiles until the end of the first row.
5. Insert the plastic clip into the sides of the first row of slats inside and secured with clip set screws.
6. Take the second row of THAISUN wood decking and pushed the plate enter the clip of the first row. (Recommend laying a brick pattern.)
7. The last row, if the wood size doesn’t fit in the area, you can cut it to fit. Then use the wood to cover the edges off the sides, by holding the screws 30 cm. apart. And cover the screw head with a piece of material and polished for beauty.
8. THAISUN wood solid-decking type, including models GW006, GW009, HLM42, and THAISUN ONE FOR ALL can be installed on steel frame at a distance of 30 cm. for residential areas.

The suggestion of WPC lath installed (please refer to the installation manual carefully again)
 1. If the surface is concrete, keep leveling evenly. If installed on a steel frame, have to prepare a steel frame away according to the size of laying the pattens (Please study the list of steel frame distance at the sales manual at the point of sale)
2. Install the lath, leaving a gap at least 3 mm.
3. Drill a hole in the lath with a drill bit size 5/32″, at a distance equal to the hammer frame. Step the holes in wood with a drill bit size 3/8’’ and depth 3 mm.
4. Fasten the lath with screws to the pre-drilled holes with the screw head size 3 mm. And then embedded in the wood surface.
5. Cover the screw head with the workpiece scraps and polish for beauty.

The suggestion of WPC wall-panel installed (please refer to the installation manual carefully again)
1. If the floor is concrete, level it evenly. If installing on a steel frame, make a steel frame at a distance of 40 cm. (The line of the steel is aligned with the wood).
2. Fix the 1st row of joist wood to the cement wall with plastic anchors and screws. (Distance not more than 40 cm.)
3. Fix the second row of joist wood at a distance of 30 cm. In the case of using the steel frame, use the screws to attach to the steel frame.
4. Install the first wall-panel board with the clip set until the end of the wall.
5. Take the second row of wall-panel board and attach the first row of clips, alternating the plank joints into masonry. By leaving a distance of piece to piece at 3 mm.
6. Install the third row of wall-panel boards until the end of the area. By spacing at the head and tail 3 mm. And spacing at the end of the area 1.5 cm. By covering the squares on the last side.
7. Cover the screw head with the workpiece scraps and polish for beauty.

1. Please kindly study the products’, suggestions and professional’s installations accordingly.
2. THAISUN are not suitable for main structure of any kind of consutructions.
3. Do not paint or use any strong acidic subtances apply on THAISUN products which may leads to termination of warranty coverage.
4. Do not consume THAISUN products.
5. THAISUN products are hereby to imitate the natural feels and look of wood which may result in the differences of colour and pattern changes over time.
6. Do not install THAISUN products in the drainage-locked areas, high humidity and low ventilations areas which may leads to 3rd party occurrence on the appearances of THAISUN products.
7. THAISUN products are not eligible for return/refund after the product has been used or change of products’ condition.

1. In order to keep the natural beauty of THAISUN products please kindly and constantly clean the installed area of THAISUN products.
2. Do not let water sit on THAISUN product for too longer than 12hr.
3. Use clean water in order to clean THAISUN products or use mild soap mixed with water in order to clean the light stain which may occurs from third party input.
4. In order to clean the heavy stained area we suggest to use cleaner liquid that contains hydrogen peroxide or sodium hyper chloride dilute in water to clean the areas.

Excessive heat on the surface of THAISUN from external sources such as but not limited to fire or reflection of sunlight from energy efficient window products. Low-emissivity (Low-E) and Reflective glass can potentially harm THAISUN products. Both Low-E glass and Reflective glass are designed to prevent passive heat gain within a structure and can cause unusual heat build-up on exterior surfaces. This extreme elevation of surface temperatures, which exceeds that of normal exposure, can possible cause THAISUN products to melt, sag, discolour, increase expansion/contraction and accelerate weathering.

Current or potential THAISUN customers that have concerns about possible damage by Low-E glass should contact the manufacturer of the product which contains Low-E glass for a solution to reduce or eliminate the effects of reflected sunlight. Potential damages that may and proven cause from installed Low-E glass to THAISUN products are not warrantied by the company.